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willows tank
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Namewillows tank
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitantscorydora catfish,clown loaches,yoyo loaches,rummy nosed tetra,neon tetra,koi angel,pearl gouramis,and a couple of odd barbs.
FiltrationFluval 305
Decorgravel and sand,wood,plants
Foodshrimp pellets,catfish pellets,flake food,
occasional live food,frozen blood worm,
daphina,and mysis,and a few others.
From TFKLeo on 08/09/15
From willow on 03/08/15
thanks mike,this is old,and no longer running,shame on me for not putting up new pics !
From mikeszx81 on 03/07/15
great tanks willow
From LaurenKK on 01/21/14
so lovely!
From Roccus on 11/22/13
you've set the bar very high... stunning!
From rsskylight04 on 11/21/13
Wow! Fantastic!
From willow on 10/03/13
how do i update this ?
From boxercrazy156 on 05/29/12
You have my dream aquarium
From Joe1985 on 03/30/12
From willow on 11/02/11
thanks TurnerD. need to update though as it's changed,along with some of the fish.
From TurnerD on 11/02/11
This tank is gorgeous, sometime when i get more knowledgable and have more room i would love to have something like this!
From trukgirl on 08/17/10
From dorabaker on 07/04/10
your tank is so beautiful! i especially love the plecos...they are huge!
From dramaqueen on 03/11/10
Nice tank!
From Amphitrite on 02/21/10
Lovely looking tank Lainey!
From stephanieleah on 02/01/10
omg I wish I could see your tank in person. Wow.
From BerkB33 on 10/26/09
Beautiful tanks and fish! The diverseness of your tank is amazing! Sailfin Pleco is a real beaut! Nice Job!
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/21/09
oops misclicked and accidentally clicked "leave comment" instead of the text box! awesome tank! cory's really get THAT big?
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/21/09
From Clubber on 08/21/09
Very nice tank set up and inhabitants!
From Amphitrite on 04/14/09
You have a lovely selection of fish! Do you have any clown loach pics? :)
From beweeb on 03/21/09
very nice i love your pleco
From Melinda on 02/21/09
Wow, beautiful tank are you really using only fluval 305 for 127 gallon tank?
From onefish2fish on 01/21/09
pictures alittle fuzzy but it still looks good! possible for a closer shot?
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