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ron clifton
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Nameron clifton
Ownerron clifton
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitantscharacoids of various specie catfish ..barbs.. angels..5specie shrimp dwarf mexican crayfish...tangerine procambrus crayfish 9 species of snails..west african riverine cichlids various synadontis...lots of various dwarf catfish(mostly cories)..galaxy rasboras..congo tetras...6 species of rainbows...yadda yadda yadda
FiltrationI use an assortment of different filters..most of my hang on filters have bio wheels..some undergravels...lots of sponges
Lightingvarious and assundried
Temperaturefrom 65 to 84 F
Decorheavily planted with a few kitsch tanks
Accessorieslots of wood
Foodflake frozen live mosq.larvae and live daphnia green water
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