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5 foot 90
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Name5 foot 90
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size87 Gallons
Live Rockatleast 150 pounds
Sump40 breeder gallons
Power Head(s)4 hydor k4s, one has a mod.
Protein SkimmerMTC
Controller/TimerReefKeeper Lite, Icecap timer
RO/DI Systemunsure of brand, 50gpd
Lighting Schedulewarm up light on 9am, main lights 10am (sump light auto off when main lights on)- main lights out 830pm(sump light auto on when main lights out) cool down lights out 930pm
Dosing Scheduledosing depends on tests
Flow RateK4=1200gph x 4 + 9.5 return(at 4feet head) 800gph =5600 gph but sometimes some of the k4s are off
Top Off Sourcecurrently manually
Inhabitants2 false perc clowns, one black one misbar
1 longnose butterfly
1 copperband butterfly
1 flame angel
1 christmas wrasse
its a mixed reef so theres softies, LPS and SPS. i also have a RBTA.
Filtrationnatural, live rock and sand. sump/refugium w/ protein skimmer and carbon/phosban reactors
Lighting4, 48inch t5s ran off an icecap 660 ballast. i have another ballast, more bulbs,reflectors,endcaps to add onto my lights which i should be doing soon.
Temperature78-80 with jager heater and fan that blows over the top of tank/across lights when the reef keeper has them turn on
Decorlive rock
Fooda mix of goodies
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/12/09
AMAZING very beautiful tank :)
From candicelee on 04/14/09
Pretty tank! I can't wait until I get brave enough, and enough research done to start a salt water tank!
From SamG on 04/03/09
Wow! That's just amazing!
From tinydove on 02/15/09
OH MY Onefish!!! She is beautiful!!! I love ur RBTA. What are those blue things in the front left, so pretty.
From MBilyeu on 01/22/09
I want one as well! Yours looks great!
From aunt kymmie on 01/22/09
LOVE IT! I want one. Wanna trade? ;)
From beweeb on 01/21/09
wow you tank is awesome
From willow on 01/20/09
i think your tank is beautiful. keep up the great work. :)
From Sucidemonkey on 01/19/09
I dont think i told you but this tank inspired me to make me own 45G Reef Tank.
From Amphitrite on 01/17/09
Beautiful looking tank OF2F :-)
From Mike on 01/17/09
Awesome tank, of2f!
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