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Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants1 sunset platy, 10 gold twinbar platy, 1 Gold Gourami, 8 Emerald Cory
FiltrationBiowheel 350 & 100
LightingT5 HO 6700 and Colormax
Temperature78 degrees
DecorTexas... the picture explains it. Tri color substrate, Mopani wood, live plants are Ulvaceous, Melon Sword, and some random amazons.
AccessoriesPlaced a divider to keep fry and Betta Separated. He ignores teh Fry even though they follow him like lost puppies.
FoodGranules, pellets, Baby Brine, Bloodworms and flakes in a pinch.
From mydogdory on 11/30/14
How does the gravel not move? Haha, Love it!
From Assault0137 on 05/14/12
thats why i live in 'merica!
From dhutch on 08/10/11
Fuggin awesome tank bro! Major kudos for creativity!
From lunawatsername on 04/30/11
weather you like texas or not, you gotta admit they win just for the creativity lol. beautiful tank!
From LasColinasCichlids on 04/11/11
Texas resident here to tell you your tank totally ROCKS!!! Even if I wasnt a Texan, I'd still love it, its totally creative!
From Mettalikatt on 08/31/10
Your Gravel is fantastic
From trukgirl on 06/15/10
Plants are looking great. What all plants are in there??
From trukgirl on 06/03/10
Well, I think it is really cool. I have never seen anything like that, definitely different!
From scalar on 05/13/10
not at all to be rude i really dislike the gravle.i saw your 10gal and loved the setup its depends really on if you like your tank or not just giving my opinion
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