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Big Freshwater
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NameBig Freshwater
Size37 Gallons
Inhabitants1) Plecostomus
2) Mickey Mouse Platy
3) Mickey Mouse Platy
4) Red Wag Platy
5) Red Wag Platy
6) Black Molly
7) Dalmation Molly
8) Dwarf Gourami
9) Fancy Red Guppy (M)
10) Fancy Yellow Guppy (F)
11) Fancy Blue Guppy (F)
12) Fancy Blue Guppy (F)
13) Green Spotted Puffer
14) Cetopsis blue shark
15) Tequla Sunrise Guppy (M)
FiltrationTop Fin Power Filter 40 with Cartridge
Lighting30" Fluorescent Light with Bulb
DecorTiki Hut
Small Cave
Fake Plants
AccessoriesFish Net
Gravel Cleaner
Breeding Net
Tank Separator
FoodPleco Algae pellets
Tropical Fish Flakes
Tropical Dried Blood Worms
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