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65g Softie Reef
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Name65g Softie Reef
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size65 Gallons
Live RockSo far 77 lbs...
Sump20g tall - 10g refugium inside w/macro algae, 10 lbs live sand, 2lbs live rock
Power Head(s)Main tank: x2 Hydor Koralia Evolution 750, Refugium: Petco 160 gph
Protein SkimmerJebo 182 II in sump
RO/DI SystemCoralife Pure-Flo II 24 gpd
Lighting Schedulenight: 12 hrs LEDs, day: 12 hrs actinic+ 9 hrs daylight
Dosing Schedulepurple-up
InhabitantsFISH: Rusty Angelfish, Lawnmower Blenny, Fiji Blue damsel. INVERTS: lots of hermit crabs, 1 Bumblebee Snail, Mexican Turbo snails. Cook Islands Derasa clam, Crocea clam. CORALS: Kenya Trees, Neon pink mushrooms, Green Star Polyps, bright green tipped Hammer, green/pink Frogspawn. Leathers: Cabbage, white/green Toadstool. Zoas: pink/brown.
FiltrationMacro algae in sump, filter sock on end of downtube
LightingMain tank: AquaticLife 4x39w T5 HO w/8 lunar LEDs. Sump: 15w clip light w/6500k CFL.
AccessoriesHydor THEO 300w Heater, overflow box (like CPR CS100), 700 gph Odyssea return pump
FoodNew Life Spectrum Pellets, Frozen Formula One vitamin enriched cubes, silversides, mysis shrimp
From aussieJJDude on 07/20/13
Wow, that tank is awesome!!! When can I move in?? :)
From trukgirl on 09/04/10
Aww thanks!!
From fish joey on 09/04/10
your fish are so nice thanks for showing where you tank is in the room love that
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