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Betta & shrimp tank
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NameBetta & shrimp tank
Size6 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish
Inhabitants1 male Betta "Nibbler"
2 x "River" shrimp
1 x Assasin snail
FiltrationMarina Internal filter
DecorBogwood & various plants
AccessoriesThermometer & heater
From aussieJJDude on 09/06/13
Beautiful tank1 Love the betta!
From Kelly100 on 07/02/12
I too, LOVE your Betta !!!!
From Tomsk on 06/06/10
Thank you,more plants have been added since the pic.
From finsNfur on 05/31/10
That is a beautiful tank, and very handsome betta!
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