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Size10 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
InhabitantsPlants: 2 banana plants (1 big, 1 small), an amazon sword plant, another fancy sword of some sort, a young water lilly that just got done sprouting from a seed, and another BEAUTIFUL plant that i forgot the name of. I'll find out :)

Fish and such: 4 zebra danios, 4-5 otto cats, 3 sunset platys, 1 white mickey-mouse platy, 1 pitbull pleco, 1 crawfish, and 1 young calico-goldfish--will relocate the calico of course! the crawfish was first purchased without claws (his previous tank mates messed him up!) and since then I have kept him de-clawed. You'd think this tank would be stressful and very dirty; however, it is actually very harmonious and beautiful tank. VERY clean! Even though the substrate and water look immaculate, I still do water changes every 1-2 weeks. The algae growth is also well-balanced--I clean only the front glass panel about every month or 2...I could probably go 3-4 months without cleaning it, as it stays pretty clear!
LightingBlue-colored moon lighting (always on), 2-full spectrum fluorescent bulbs.
Temperaturei use no temperature control (except the A/C in the house, which is only on during our Florida summers!)
Decorthere's 1 block of drift wood in there,
1 generic "house" (from fish store) for shelter,
and 1 ancient rome column for fun :)
AccessoriesBtw, the sand substrate also has some gravel at the top layer, but only about enough gravel to cover 1/5 of the surface area.
Foodi might fill this in later :)
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