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Tropical Community
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NameTropical Community
Size46 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Betta (male)
2 Gold Dojo Loaches (babies)
1 Albino Marble Sailfin Pleco (baby)
1 Albino Red Fin Shark (baby)
2 Upside Down Catfish
3 Dwarf Gouramis
3 Glofish, 1 Danio, & 1 Leopard Danio
1 Chinese Algae Eater
3 Mystery Snails
FiltrationHanging filter
(AquaClear, 70 Gallon)
Lighting[not sure, whatever came with the aquarium]
Decor(All Fake)
Cavern Stone
Various Plants
AccessoriesRena Heater
FoodTetraColor Tropical Flake Food
TetraVeggie Algae Wafers
Aquarian Sinking Pellets
Betta Pellets
Frozen Bloodworms
Zucchini & Spinach
From aussieJJDude on 07/06/12
LOVE THE BETTA!!!!! love the snails and loaches
From hms2009 on 08/27/10
awww thank you :) my loaches are my babies
From dorabaker on 08/26/10
wow, wow, wow...stunning tank! i love all your fish. haha love that photo of the loach yawning. they are amazing photos..
From Lisalis on 06/11/10
awww love the dojo loach! I had one when I was a kid that would eat from my hand and if you cupped your hand would sometimes lay in it!!!
From aunt kymmie on 05/15/10
Beautiful betta. :)
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