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Hi Fins
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NameHi Fins
OwnerHi Fins
Size125 Gallons
Inhabitants1-Hi Fin Shark 12" to 14"
1- Clown Knife 12" to 14"
1- Pelcostomus 14" !- 4"
2- Tin Foil Barbs 8 1\2 to9"
1- Red Ruby Parttot 4"
1- Convict 4"
2- Gars 5"
1-Carp 5" (goldfish that didn't get ate)
1-Catfish ? 6"
FiltrationMarineland Multi Stage Canister C-530
Marinelane Muti Stage Canister C-220
LightingEclipse Natural Daylight F3078
Temperature68 -72
DecorHollow log for cat, Stones
AccessoriesAir stone
FoodLive food Guppies, Frozen worms, brime shrimp, tropical frake, alge wafer's creeket 'sometime,I try to give a varity , I feed once a day.
From aussieJJDude on 12/20/12
cool fish!
From Erin8D on 06/08/11
I love your gars!
From ElectricBlueJackDempsey on 11/10/10
more pictures please!
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