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37 Gallon Planted Aquarium
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Name37 Gallon Planted Aquarium
Size37 Gallons
C02 SystemNot any more
InhabitantsMalaysian Trumpet Snails
Horned Corona Nerites
Zebra Nerites
Olive Nerites
Golden Apple Snail
FiltrationTop Fin Power Filter 40
Aquaclear 50
Lighting30" T-8 Life-GLO 6700 Kelvin, 130 LUX, 20 Watt. Also natural sunlight
DecorNaja Grass
SUBSTRATE= ActiveFlora Planted Aquarium Substrate
Accessories200 Watt Heater, Coralife 24/7 Day/Night Timer, Coralife Digital thermometer Live pH Monitor, Ammonia, kH, GH, Cu+, Fe, pH, CO2, Nitrate, Nitrite test kits.
FoodOmega One Algae Wafers, Bloodworms, Vegetables
From aussieJJDude on 07/06/12
Like it how you slope the sub
From Termato on 06/27/12
Are you planning on putting any fish in this tank? any new pictures? I am curious to see how these plants have grown out! Nice tank.
From willow on 11/05/10
absolutly beautiful.
From willow on 06/06/10
i really like this alot.very sharp,and fresh looking.
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