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Nick's First Reef
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NameNick's First Reef
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size40 Gallons
Live Rock7lbs Fiji, 10lbs strange dense rock from Vanatu tank, 40lbs Marcos
Power Head(s)2x Koralia Evo 1050s
Protein SkimmerAqua RemoraC HoB w/ 300 gph pump
Controller/TimerBasic timer
RO/DI System75 GPD Bulk Reef Supply Unit
Lighting Scheduleabout 8 hours a day right now
Dosing ScheduleB-Ionic 2 part occasionally
Top Off SourceManual top off with RODI
Inhabitants2 False Percs, Yellow Spotted Kole Tang, Midas Blenny
Zoas, Ricordia, Leathers, Mushrooms, Hammer, Acan
Lighting36" Aquatinics TX5
FoodFrozen Mysis, NLS Pellets
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