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Greedy's 20 gallon
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NameGreedy's 20 gallon
Size20 Gallons
Fertilizeraqua flourish
Inhabitants5 cherry barbs, 3 pygmy cory cats, 1 otto, 1 golden algae eater, 2 Bolivian rams
Filtrationin tank filter wisper something..
Lighting1 15 watt floro
DecorLava rock, java ferns, mosses, and other plants
Foodblood worms and flake.
From james7139 on 09/09/10
Nice tank! konstargirl you may be thinking of plecos
From Mettalikatt on 08/31/10
A chinese algae eater? i can't see him giving barbs or rams a problem.
From konstargirl on 07/11/10
You should rehome your algae eater. They can get very agressive towards the other fish.
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