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Greedy's 5 gallon dwarf puffer
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NameGreedy's 5 gallon dwarf puffer
Size5 Gallons
Fertilizeraqua flourish
Inhabitants1 dwarf puffer, 2 oto
Filtrationtop fin small on the back kind
Lighting15 watt floro tube glo.
Decorall kinds of random plants, and driftwood
Foodsnails, algae wafers.
From willow on 01/16/13
how beautiful in a small space.
From downerbeautiful on 11/03/11
Best looking tank I've ever seen. I love how it doesn't have that over planted look to it.
From n2fish on 09/30/11
That is amazing what you can do with a 5 gallon tank. Personally, I think your tank looks terrific!
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