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30 gallon topfin
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Name30 gallon topfin
Size0 Gallons
Fertilizerbio grow i think.
Inhabitants3 mollies, 1guppy,1 Otto, 1 tetra,2 shrimp and 1 wag, tank separator side-12 molly fry O_O
Filtrationtop-fin for 30 gallon tank
Lightingi think its a UV light very bright
Temperaturealways at 80-82
Decor3 totem men, one barrel thing to hide in and a drift wood log to hide in, (fake) coral with aerator.
Accessoriesheater, thermometer, tank separator for if i ever need it.
Foodtetra-min flakes, brine shrimp (frozen and dried) and boiled egg yolk.
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