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Dr. Mike's 45 gal Bowfront
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NameDr. Mike's 45 gal Bowfront
Size45 Gallons
C02 Systemno
FertilizerFlourish, Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil
Inhabitants11 wagtail Platys, several Serpae Tetras, several "mystery" Tetras similar in size/shape to Serpaes
FiltrationAquaclear 200 hot
Lighting55W CF retrofit kit from AH Supply.
DecorDriftwood "tree" planted with Java Moss at the top, and a large granite stone. Anubias var. coffeefolia, Anubias var. nana carpet, and large Red Rubin Sword. Easily "my" nicest tank. :)
Accessories150W Marineland Stealth heater (praying it doesn't malfunction.) Planted background (their choice.) I designed, set up, and maintain this tank for him in exchange for chiropractic treatment.
Foodtropical flake
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