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9 swordtails 2 mollies 2 cory
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Name9 swordtails 2 mollies 2 cory
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants9 swordtails 2 male orange w/black stripe on tail, 6 orange female, 1 mickey mouse female(pregnant), 2 white molly, 1 corydoras sterbai, 1 Thomasi Plecostomus
Filtration1 TETRA Internal Whisper Power Filter (150Gallons per hour)
Lighting fluorescent
Temperature78 degree fahrenheit
DecorCastle, Airstone, 2 plastic plants
Foodflake, dried blood worms
From Mike on 01/18/09
Nice looking fish. Is that the leaning tower of pisa I see in the background there? I'd love to see a full tank shot!
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