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Desktop Shrimp
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NameDesktop Shrimp
Size1 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Amano shrimp
Malaysian Trumpet snails
FiltrationSeveral ~10% water changes a week.
LightingFlourescent household bulb, and homemade Blue LED moonlight.
TemperatureMid to high 70s
DecorLava rock, PVC elbow, moss ball, Java fern, Bacopa, the occasional algae covered rock.
FoodAlgae, occasional veggie wafers.
From Castro235 on 11/20/10
I loved the tank, but it's retired now, both shrimp did just fine in it if anyone is considering a mini shrimp tank, but it was set up with lots of established lava rock and other goodies. I just ended up with an 8 gallon tank with noone to be in it, so they got an upgrade :)
From konstargirl on 08/04/10
Nice tank. IT will be great if you had some filtration though. But your shrimp will morel ikely to die during the cycle and the snails.
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