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10 Gallon Planted
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Name10 Gallon Planted
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants4 Male Threadfin Rainbowfish (Iriatherina werneri)
1 Celestial Pearl Danio (Celestichthys margaritatus)
1 Emerald Eye Rasbora (Rasbora dorsiocellata)
2 Otocinclus (Otocinclus vestitus)
FiltrationWhisper 10i
Lighting27 watt desk lamp
FoodHikari Micro Pellets
From aussieJJDude on 12/20/12
That would cave thing looks awesome, I love this peice of wood! Nice tank too, love the layout of the plants!
From james7139 on 10/28/10
wholy cow you make that look much bigger than 10 gallons
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