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10 Gal Fresh - full nano-size fish community
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Name10 Gal Fresh - full nano-size fish community
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsEmber Tetra (6x)
Honey Gourami (1x, male)

3x Ghost Shrimp
Malaysian Trumpet Snails (intentional introduction)
Planorbis ramshorn snails (incidental introduction)
FiltrationRena SmartFilter 20
DecorMany chunks of driftwood. Regularly-changed water is lightly-moderately tannin-stained. Large amounts of Hornwort and Egeria, and a small amount of Java moss (which is expanding and will be maintained)
Gravel is a mixture of natural colors and three sizes, much of it nearly as fine as sand.
AccessoriesRena SmartHeater 50
FoodFinely crushed flakes, Hikari Micro Pellets (the Embers love them!) and bloodworms are provided.
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