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100G Rimless SPS Reef
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Name100G Rimless SPS Reef
Size100 Gallons
Live Rock75 lbs.
Sump30 gals
Power Head(s)2 vortechs MP 40W
Protein SkimmerBubble King mini 200
Calcium Reactoryes
Controller/Timerjust regular timers.
RO/DI System5 Stage RO/DI
Lighting Schedule10 hrs T5's + 8 hrs 2x 250 HQI
Dosing Schedule0.1 ml Pure Vodka/BiWeekly
4 Drops Brightwells MB7/Bi-Weekly
10 drops Brightwells Replenish/B-iWeekly
1 Drop Lugols/ Bi-Weekly
Flow Rate2 Vortech 40
Top Off SourceDIY ATO
Inhabitantsvarious fish and sps, lps
FiltrationLive rock, Bubble King Mini 200 In DIY Sump.
Lighting2 x 250 watt EVC DE 20K and supplemental 3 Giesemann Atinic+ T5 & 1KZ Fiji Purple T5 With DIY Moonlights Giesemann Infinity Fixture.
Temperature77 F
AccessoriesCa reactor, Kalk reactor, Phosphate/Carbon Chamber
Foodfrozen, pellets, natural
From Assault0137 on 05/30/12
From DisneyCoralReef on 07/13/11
That is one heck of a tank. I LOVE how little rock you have in there but how spectacular your tank looks.
From plevin1508 on 02/15/11
really nice!!! Thanks for sharing the video
From small fry on 02/10/11
Very nice setup! Love the corals and fish!
From shadow23 on 01/01/11
Must be pretty harder taking care of everything i.e feeder dosing,etc..
From aunt kymmie on 12/06/10
Great video. Your tank is a true gem!
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