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55 gallon planted
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Name55 gallon planted
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants4 Three Spot Gourami: 1 male Gold, 1 female Opaline, 1 female Blue, 1 female Platinum. 4 young Angelfish: 1 zebra, 1 gold, 2 marbled. 5 young clown loaches. (don't worry, they are getting a larger tank) and 1 bristlenose pleco.
Filtrationmarine land penguin bio wheel for up to 75gal.
Lighting4x 32w fluorescent bulbs.
DecorWisteria, sprite, penny wort, crypt, hornwort, a moss ball, amazon swords, jungal val, twisted val, dwarf lilly, Dwarf Sword, java fern on drift wood, and Bacopa caroliniana. Along with some drift wood and river rocks.
FoodPellets, Flakes, Blood worms.
From tropicalkass on 12/14/13
Very beautiful planted tank. I'm wanting to get some plants but my lobster wont leave em alone lol
From KatSea on 03/25/13
Looks great!
From finsNfur on 09/21/11
Really pretty! If you ever want a cheap background though to hide wires etc., you can buy cheap poster board at craft stores/pharmacies etc. :)
From Jayy on 03/11/11
Awesome tank!! I wish it was mine.
From Akeath on 01/31/11
This is one of the nicer planted tanks I've seen, just beautiful! The stocking is really clever as well, and the Gouramis especially are lovely
From tanker on 08/03/10
Gorgeous tank and fish.
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