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SubstrateBare Bottom
Size75 Gallons
Inhabitants1 tiger oscar
FiltrationMarineland canister filter filled with A.P.I Biostars and with sponge covering intake, HOTMagnum filled with Biomax also with spong covering intake, Emperor HOB with biowheel and floss in clam cartridge, Aquatech double waterfall with floss in 2 clam cartridges before 2 biopads.
Lightingstandard aquarium lighting.
Temperature82 F supplied by 2 metal rod Via-Aqua heaters.
DecorTetra Waterwonders artificial plants attached to accessory faux logs and rocks.
Accessoriesoccassional oscar toys, waterproof non-toxic items to bang around the tank.
FoodHikari Food Sticks and earth worms
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