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30 Gallon Community
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Name30 Gallon Community
Size30 Gallons
C02 SystemFlourish products
Inhabitants2 Anglefish
2 German Blue Rams
2 Austraiian Rainbowfish
3 Glofish
2 Guppies
2 Botia Kubotai
Filtration(2) Whisper Power Filter 30s
LightingDual 24" Coralife 6700K T-5s(14w)
Temperature80 Degrees
DecorGreek/Roman Ruins, Driftwood, Kyoto Grass, White Ribbon, Amazon Sword, Some other plant I don't remember the name of...
AccessoriesMany things
FoodTetraMin and TetraColor flakes, Brine Shrimp Pellets, TetraMin Sinking Tablets
From Poleren on 04/09/14
From rsheets on 12/20/09
Nice tank, I love rams, but didn't see him in the video. I like the marble angel as well, I have a Koi that looks similar. I was looking for ceasar!
From redlessi on 10/15/09
nice tank, do your angels get along with the rams?
From onefish2fish on 01/21/09
nice theme, looking good!
From FordMan on 01/20/09
clever idea with the pvc pipe what did you use to glue the gravel to the pipe?
From Mike on 01/19/09
Sweet video! Your show guppies are awesome looking. Love those tails!
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