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55 Gallon Tropical
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Name55 Gallon Tropical
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants10x Zebra Danios
2x Swordtail
1x Black Molly
3x Angelfish
3x Albino Cory Cat
FiltrationEmperor 400
Temperature78-80 Degrees
FoodTetra Color
Tetra Min
Dried Bloodworms
From SophieThomas on 10/23/09
Beautiful tank :-)I have Danios and Cory Cats and just love them!
From willow on 04/16/09
great tank,the swords colour is really lovely.
From Spoon on 04/02/09
Nice tank. I'm afraid of the swordtails and mollies. They never look good at the lfs. 10Zebras? Wow, how are they with the angels?
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