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The Ten Gallon Tank
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NameThe Ten Gallon Tank
Ownerfish fan
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsDr. Jacklynn Hook, some kind of mouthbrooder Cichlid. I'm not sure exactly what kind because she was not the kind of fish I ordered on-line &
8 of her accidentally cross-bred Cichlid fry
1 Blue Snail
1 Brown Snail
Filtrationwhisper I think
Lighting15W/120V incandescent
Temperature82' F.
Decoraquarium gravel
sea shells both store bought and personally collected
some old marbles
some river rock we have collected over the years
some fake plants
a few big rocks and a clam shell making a couple of caves
one big rock holding down the air stone
a fake piece of coral

Accessoriesstore bought background
air stone
Foodflake as the main diet
bloodworms & tubeliflex worms as treats
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