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2.5 Gallon Betta
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Name2.5 Gallon Betta
Size3 Gallons
InhabitantsMale Veiltail Betta; Charlie

(the red white and blue is in my 10Gall now)
Filtrationsmall powed by air pump
Decorglass jar, plastic plants, white sand
AccessoriesBogwood, anubias nano, java fern, elodia, ???
FoodBetta crumbs/occasional bloodworms
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
Love the tank and bettas!
From Coryguy01 on 05/21/12
Love the glass bubble feature. I'm going to get one too! Love the betta colors!
From Erin8D on 05/21/11
Thanks! He is in a 5gall now since he had a VERY bad case of finrot :C But he's healthy!
From finsNfur on 05/17/11
Beautiful tank, especially for one so small! Stunning colors on the betta, too.
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