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Angels and Tangs Heaven
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NameAngels and Tangs Heaven
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size0 Gallons
Protein Skimmeryes
InhabitantsI have a 220 gallon tank.Goldflake angel 5 inch,Emperor angel 5 inch Scrrible angel 6 inch,Personifer angel 3.5 inch, Blueface angel 3.5 inch,Asfur angel 3.5 inch, Blue ring angel 3 inch,Chrysurus angel 2.5 inch Queen angel 3 inch, Flame angel 2 inch Coral beauty 3 inch, Powder blue tang 4 inch Clown tang 4 inch, Purple tang 4 inch Yellow tang 3 inch Blonde Naso tang 4.5inch Black trigger 6 inch Clown trigger 3 inch, broom tail wrasse 4.5 inch and I have a hospital tang 40 gallon 2 clown and a damsel
Filtrationwet/dry and fx5 canister
LightingBasic.I plan on upgrading in the near future.
TemperatureMine is about 77 degree
Decorjust lots of live rock maybe 250lbs and 250lbs live sand.
Accessoriesjet blowers for water movement
FoodI feed these guys brine shrimp whole shrimp algae sheets angel prepared foods, brocolli.etc.
From aunt kymmie on 01/22/09
Pictures, Por Favor :)
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