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Size66 Gallons
Inhabitants7 x black neon tetras
4 x panda cory
3 x sterbai cory
3 x peppered cory
7 x rosy tetras
7 x bloodfin tetras
5 x dwarf neon rainbows
1 x guppy
1 x bristlenose
1 x apple snail
2 x blue rams
FiltrationAqua One Aquis 1200 canister filter
LightingAqua One Fluoroglow twin T8 2 x 30W 1 x sunlight tube, 1 x tropical tube
Decordriftwood, lava rocks,
Brazilian Pennywort
java moss
some unidentified
4 x melon swords
Water sprite (Ceratopteris cornuta)
Water sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides)
From Canadian Fish on 11/24/12
Love how you arranged the plants, driftwood and lava rocks! Gorgeous!
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
I love the layout! good job, well thought through
From noledoc on 11/23/10
I really enjoyed your feeding video. There, but by the grace of God eat I!
From willow on 10/02/10
i love it,the wood is really awsome.
From isimek on 08/11/10
I love your driftwood!
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