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Red Sea / Indian Ocean
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NameRed Sea / Indian Ocean
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size127 Gallons
Sump55 gallon with 17 gallon refugium
Power Head(s)Rio 1100/ Rio 1700
InhabitantsBlue fin Damsel
3 stripe Damsel
Talbot's Damoiselle
Black Barred Convict Goby
Tiger fighting conch
Orange knuckle hemit
Asst hermits and snails
Domino Damsel in refugium
FiltrationDSB/ Macro Algae/ Live rock
Lighting576 watts of power compact lighting
2 actinic 96 watt
Temperature81 F
DecorDeep sea Yellow gorgonian
Accessoriesneed to install subpanel
Foodflake and marine snow/ target feeding
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