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Indo Pacific
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NameIndo Pacific
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size125 Gallons
Live RockFiji and Vanautu
Power Head(s)Korelia 4/Rio 1700/Rio 900
Protein SkimmerRed Sea Prizm Pro Deluxe
InhabitantsBlonde Naso Tang
Yellow Tang
Blue Hippo Tang
Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel
Yellow Damsel
Blue and Gold Damsel
Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish
Hermit crabs and snails
Blue knuckle hermit crab
2 rose anemones 12" total
FiltrationUndergravel filter
Clear Ocean Canister
UV sterilizer
LightingJBJ 48" Formosa
Temperature80 F
DecorPolyps and live rock
FoodFlake and marine snow/ shrimp/ scallops/ macro algae
From Olvidada on 04/14/14
My dream made truth! so pretty congrats!
From aussieJJDude on 09/08/13
Wow, looks just like my backyard :P Get it, as i live in australia!!!
From trukgirl on 08/17/10
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