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20g Long
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Name20g Long
Size20 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish Root Tabs
Inhabitants5 - Cherry Barbs
1 - Guppy
1 - Zebra Danio
2 - Otocinclus
1 - Red Wag Platy
1 - Honey Gouramis
1 - Mystery Snail
2 - Ghost Shrimp
1 - Pleco
FiltrationAqueon QuietFlow 20, Internal filtration (90gph)
Lighting24" Life-Glo. 6700K
DecorAmazon Sword. Anubias. Wisteria.
FoodTetra Min. Algae wafers. Tetra Color.
From small fry on 01/19/11
That is true. nice setup btw!
From thefishboy on 09/09/10
Not to nag or anything but danios are shoaaling fish they need 6+ nice set up though!!
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