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split level DIY tank
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Namesplit level DIY tank
Ownersplit tank
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitants2 silver catfish, 1 gourami, 1 plec, 3 silver sharks, 2 clown loaches, 2 mountain minnows, 1 zebra danio, 2 scissor tails
Filtrationaqua pro 2sp external filter
JAD 1400 l/h internal
Lighting2 x t8 bulbs 1 x 38w moonlight 1 x 38w tropical
Accessoriesair stone
From willertac on 01/07/14
That's cool!
From KatSea on 03/22/13
From aussieJJDude on 12/01/12
OMG, how did you build this tank! Awesome idea!
From doki on 04/19/12
that is an awesome idea
From Big Fate on 05/16/11
This is a really creative way of thinking... Never seen anything like it. Where did you get the rock wall from?
From LasColinasCichlids on 04/23/11
That is one of the coolest ideas, a split tank...totally awesome!!!
From Kazzy on 01/02/11
Fantastic! Love the rock wall :D
From willow on 01/02/11
have you shown pictures of your tank on the main page,i really think you should.
From willow on 01/02/11
wow !! that's really cool
From arunsai on 10/22/10
From james7139 on 09/09/10
thats really cool
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