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My 320L Tank
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NameMy 320L Tank
Size85 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Hongi, 1 Electric Yellow Cichlid, 1 Red-Tailed Shark, 1 Bristlenosed Pleco, 1 Super Green Texas Cichlid, 1 Star Sapphire Cichlid, 1 Pseudotropheus Saulosi Cichlid, 4 Auratus Cichlids.
FiltrationUndergravel Filter with 2500L/Hr Powerhead, Canister Filter 1800L/Hr with UV.
Lighting2x T5 Fluorescent 1 blue, 1 white.
DecorShipwreck, rocks, coral rock, Ceramic boat, Ceramic cave.
FoodTetra Color Granules, Tropical fish flakes, Cichlid pellets small, Cichlid Flakes, Frozen Bloodworms, Frozen Brine Srimp, Algae Wafers, Spirilina, Frozen Fish Food, Boiled Peas, Insects.
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