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Community Tank
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NameCommunity Tank
Size110 Gallons
Inhabitants20+ small clown loaches, 3 zebra loaches, 4 frontosa fry, 4 red hump eartheaters, 1 demon eartheaters, 4 surinemsis eartheaters, african leopard leaf fish, african butterfly fish, tire track eels, spint half banded eels, danios, sunshine pleco, blue phantom pleco, red tail leopard pleco, para pleco, tropheus moori
Filtration2 AquaClear 110's
Lighting2- 2 ft T5 lighting
2- 2ft Hydo Lighting
Temperature78 degrees F
DecorPlants, Plastic roots, Drift wood, Pirate Ship, Clay pots, Texas Holey Rock
FoodSpirulina Tablets, Shrimp Pellets, HBH Cichlid pellets, Dried Krill, Massivore, Blood Worms
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