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55g marine
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Name55g marine
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size55 Gallons
Live Rock60 lbs. Fiji
Sumpno, presently no room for a sump
Power Head(s)3
Protein SkimmerBermuda Aquatics Rogue Wave Hang-on
InhabitantsDwarf Lion, Yellow Tang, Copper Ringed Angel, Clarke CLown, Maroon Clown, Ocellaris Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, Mexican Turbo Snail, Scarlet Hermit crabs
FiltrationPenn-Plax Cascade 700 canister
LightingDual Satalite 65w 4 lamp w/lunar light
Foodmysis & brine shrimp, Lettuce and flakes
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