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tropical guppy added pics
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Nametropical guppy added pics
Size0 Gallons
From Assault0137 on 08/30/12
..... 67.3247 US gallons
From kitten_penang on 05/09/12
4x1.5x1.5 feet
From Assault0137 on 05/09/12
woah. beautiful fish. how many gallons?
From kitten_penang on 10/21/11
thanks jayy
From Jayy on 10/21/11
Beautiful tank!!!
From kitten_penang on 08/28/10
the 3 little ones are the wild type of guppies. i dont think i added them here yet.will add the pics when hey get older.
From dorabaker on 08/27/10
stunning photos, i love them! gorgeous fish and plants...are some of those guppies wild-type?
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