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Bears Suprise 50
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NameBears Suprise 50
Size50 Gallons
Live Rock15 pounds Live
45 pounds Base
Sump20 long 3 chanbers
skimmer/ refugium/return
Power Head(s)2x Mj 400
2x small no names
Protein SkimmerCoralife 65
Calcium Reactornone
RO/DI SystemNone
Lighting Scheduleapprox 11 on 13 off
Dosing Schedulein progress to figure it out
Flow Rate~ 100 gallons per hour
to allow heavy skimming
Top Off Sourcefresh water spring
Inhabitants2x domino damsels
1x blue yellow tail damsel
1x Blue Damsel
2x Zoa colonies
2x Paly colonies
1 purple mushroom
5 giant turbo snails
5 small hermit crabs
FiltrationLR, LS, Skimmer, Water changes 1x weekly
Lighting1x 10,000k t8
1x 50/50 t8
2x 6500k compact flouro
(upgrade coming soon
Temperature78-80 F
AccessoriesDIY stand, DIY overflow, DIY light fixture (suspended), DIY sump, DIY plumbing
Foodspecial made blend
1 part blood worms
1 part marine flakes
1 part krill
1 clove garlic (super finely chopped

1-2x weekly Phytoplex
From FishyFishy89 on 02/16/13
@Assault0137, that stand is actually one of the cheapest stands. Home Depot sells lumber pretty cheap. Lumber and screws is all that is needed.
From Assault0137 on 05/30/12
very expensive stand...
From doki on 04/18/12
love the stand
From trukgirl on 08/20/10
I wish I was as brave to run my sump behind the wall! Love watching your tank mature!
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