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Planted Aquarium-Busted
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NamePlanted Aquarium-Busted
Size5 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerLeaf zone
InhabitantsPeacock Fern
Umbrella plant
Kyoto Grass
Aqua Fern
Amazon Sward
White Ribbon
Tropical Fern
Water Lilly bulb (must grow)
onion bulb (must grow)
some other bulb (must grow)
FiltrationOver top Filter cube
LightingLED + Sunlight
TemperatureNot heated may be in the future
DecorDrift wood
Planting Box
AccessoriesPH indicator
Ammonia indicator
From UrsMyrick on 09/03/10
Tank looks great! I think a fish would be very happy there!
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