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Tropical Community (55G)
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NameTropical Community (55G)
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemDIY 2 Bottle
FertilizerTetra Florapride
Inhabitants5 Neon Tetras
6 Albino Corydoras Aeneus
3 Corydoras Aeneus
4 Gold Barbs
2 Common Pleco
1 Rainbow shark
6 Zebra Danio
4 Mystery Snail
1 Female Swordtail
1 Male Swordtail
FiltrationMarineland 280 HOB - 280 GPH
Lighting2- 4ft t-12 40w each
Decor3 Pieces of Drirftwood
Accessories3 Aponogeton + about 30 baby plants
3 Pennywort
Dwarf Hairgrass
FoodTropical Color Flakes
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