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Molly/Danio Tank
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NameMolly/Danio Tank
Size29 Gallons
FertilizerLiquid Fertilizer
Inhabitants8 Zebra Danios
6 Black Mollies (2male 4 females)
3 Albino Cory Cats (new)
FiltrationBio Wheel Power Filter
UG Filter with 2 powerheads
Lighting3-20 Watt Flourescent (60 watts total)
Temperature76 F
Using 150watt heater
DecorLarge Rock
Breeding Grass
Live Plants
Plastic Cave
FoodNLS small fish formula and NLS Thera+, Shrimp Pellets, Live food occasionally
From wumpus on 04/19/09
Thats a great tank, I love danios and mollies!
From finsNfur on 03/28/09
That is very pretty, the background blends well with your planting.
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