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75 gl planted
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Name75 gl planted
Owneraunt kymmie
Size75 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive
InhabitantsDennison Barbs, Columbian Tetras, Burmese & Dwarf Chain loaches,apistogramma cacatuoides, Dicrossus Filamentosus, Otos, Royal Whiptail Cat and an ABN
FiltrationFluval 405
Lighting96 watts of 6500 K
DecorPlants and Malaysian Driftwood
AccessoriesSubstrate is Eco-Complete
FoodEverything but the kitchen sink!
From Chesh on 05/03/13
This tank is stunning - and you have so many of my favorite fish! Love it! I second Jayy's video request - I would LOVE to see this tank in action!
From Jayy on 02/03/12
Very nice, you should post a video
From fashionfobie on 06/13/11
Simply Gorgeous!
From PRichs87 on 02/13/11
your apistos look great! I love those little fish... too bad they're hard to find in my area.
From ElectricBlueJackDempsey on 02/01/11
Nice fish and tank!
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