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Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants1-Common Goldfish, (now 7")
FiltrationWhisper 10-20 Power Filter
Lighting15 watt Flourescent
Temperature70 F
DecorPlastic Centerpiece
FoodGoldfish Flakes
From d0r0g0 on 01/25/12
As of last September this tank is now empty, the goldfish has been moved to a much larger 55 gallon aquarium that my neighbor has had empty for awhile....looks much happier in there now
From konstargirl on 08/04/10
She's pretty. I would upgrade the tank to at least 30-55 gallons though.
From d0r0g0 on 03/23/10
Thanks. This one is actually just a 10 cent feeder fish from PetSmart that I originally just wanted to cycle an aquarium for me (3 years ago). I ended up just moving her to a spare tank and have kept her happy since.
From HollyinWA on 01/21/10
Man, that is one beautiful, deep colored Gold Fish! I wonder what kind he is. I have never had Gold Fish other than a Gold Fish in a bowl when I was very young. I would like to have a Gold Fish tank someday, and I would want ones that look like that. He/she is a beauty!
From d0r0g0 on 09/11/09
thanks very much!
From Zombie on 07/19/09
That is a beautiful goldfish.
From Sj45 on 04/19/09
wow, sweet.
From Sucidemonkey on 01/20/09
i know!Nice FISH!
From Mike on 01/19/09
That has to be the richest red goldfish I've seen! Nice looking fish. :)
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