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LittleStars 10G Organic Home for Wiggles and Her Muppies
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NameLittleStars 10G Organic Home for Wiggles and Her Muppies
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsFeaturing Wiggles the mama Molly and her Molly-Guppy mixed babies - six Muppies! This story is actually quite a drama, to read more check out this thread at tropicalfishkeeping:

This was formerly an old 10G Long, but we changed to a 10G Tall and the 10L is used for other fish we have. It sits on our daughters desk in our office room.

Have you ever seen Muppies before? Check out this video! These are not my Muppies, but mine look just like these:

For more details on my aquarium "style and set-up" check out my 5.5G Aquarium Log:

FiltrationMarineland Penguin 10G hang on back filter - its gutted and stuffed with my own sponge media.

Aquarium is bare bottom and is vacuumed with a small manual vac. every morning, 1/2 to 1 gallon quick vac with prepared fish water change-out every day. I use eLive Betta Water and/or Freshwater One. Vitamin-mineral supplement weekly. Water is less wasted in the summer - used on our organic garden.

To clean: Remove all décor but don't wash it. With a small net, net out the larger particles of debris. Then quick vac to remove small particles left over. Return décor, top off water. Takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Filter is cleaned once every two weeks. After vacume use the old tank water, and squeeze filter sponges out in it. Return sponges to filter, done. Optional: Half dose some Stability by Seachem, restores positive microbes.

Low End of Brackish:
1. Since the Molly is a fish that appreciates salinity, higher PH and hardness, and since I do not have plants or other types of fish in this aquarium: this Molly only setup is low brackish at 2 flat teaspoons of Marine Type Aquarium Salt (like Instant Ocean) per day, for 5 days, which increases to a brackish tank of 1 teas. per gallon / 10G tank - taking 5 days to increase salinity gradually. So it takes 5 days to get 10 teaspoons established. After that, up to 1 teaspoon of Marine Aquarium Salt for 1 gallon that is refreshed. Test strips and hydrometer needed to ensure PH/Hardness stay consistent without major fluctuations. Temp to 80. Alkalinity Hard. PH 7.5 to 8.0, its easy to make a schedule that keeps this in range once you get your bearings. With a range of 1.001 and high at 1.020 My brackish specific gravity range (SG) is 1.003 to 1.004 on the hydrometer. My Mollies could tolerate more salinity and perhaps even thrive in more, but it isn't necessary to get the job done, and I'm cautious about over-dosing.

This cycled aquarium gets Kordon Amquel for detoxing but only minimally. No Prime needed, prepared fish water has no chlorine in it.

Air stone is on a timer, runs during the day is off at night.
LightingDesk lamp and mini-blinds, natural light.
TemperatureTemp to 80 using Aqueon 100W heater with adjustable temp control knob.
DecorShells, smooth corals, rocks, glass, crystal or well rounded plastic aquarium plants. I prefer plastic to silk. Silk frays like crazy and tiny bits of fabric shards end up in your fishes belly. A terrible invention which belongs on the bad ornaments list. Easier to see in bare bottom tanks. No live plants, no resin ornaments, nothing that can mold, corrode or rot. I'm squeamish about water fleas, limpets, springtails, planaria and a multitude of other jiggers and molds that aquarium plants are notorious for. Even as tidy as my tank is I never stick my hand in there without a glove on. I use a cattle exam disposable glove that goes up to the shoulder, and over that I wear a rubber dish glove, with a rubber band stretched over my wrist.
And if you don't think this is important you better read some more:
That said I have no issues with moss balls as long as they are the pre-packaged ones that have not been in an established tank prior to sale.
AccessoriesMy mirror came from the bird department but I removed anything off of it that would corrode. It's secured with a tiny rubber band and dangling from a suction cup that has a leaf sticking out of it, its a Betta perch. Some people have said they don't like these but seems pretty neat to me:
FoodFirst Bites Fry "Dust", Zeigler Brothers Organic Flake, Omega One Veggie Rounds, New life Spectrum Tropical Fish Pellets, Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes, Wardley Dried Shrimp Pellets, and Algae Wafer. Everything in absolute moderation.

I devised a restaurant for the Muppy fry. I used a hard plastic cup, took a lighter and melted 5 little smooth doorways into the edges, and one entry through the top (inverted). I weighted the cup down with a crystal rock. Now they can go in and out and eat when they want. Wiggles can't get at their pellet food any more and we no longer have to worry about it.

From LittleStar on 05/02/16
Thank you, you're such a sweetie! They are a handful but we're having fun.
From Destinystar on 05/02/16
Beautiful...enjoyed seeing your fish and tank, great job !
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