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37 gallon tropical
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Name37 gallon tropical
Size37 Gallons
C02 SystemCO2 Natural Plant System
Inhabitants3 red platies (xiphophorus maclatus) added 9/8/10
3 panda cories
3 pitbull plecos (Parotocinclus jumbo) 9/27/10
FiltrationTop Fin Power Filter
Air stone
Lightingplant light
TemperatureNeptune Submersible Aquarium Heater-
76-78 degrees F.
DecorPlanted with 2 moss balls, java moss, peacock fern (Selaginella Wildenowii), coconut (Peliosanthes Speciies), Argentine Sword (Echinodorus Argentiensis), gold ribbon (Dracaena Variegatus), broadleaf sageterias. A large castle hides the air stone. There is a Dora ornament and a turtle ornament and a few shells and rocks.
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