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WisFish 55gal planted
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NameWisFish 55gal planted
Size55 Gallons
C02 SystemSeachem Excel 5ml every day
FertilizerSeachem Florish 3-4ml twice a week
Inhabitants10 neon tetras
4 green Corys
3 Chinese Algae eaters
3 Siamese Algae eaters
1 flying fox
1 Red Tailed black shark
3 serpae tetras
4 scissor tails
5 blood-fin tetras
3 Rasbora
4 Black tetras
5 Zebra Danios
4 white cloud mountain minnow
3 Red Eye Tetra
FiltrationUnder gravel Filter (since 1991)
Eheim 2217 Canister (since Aug 2008)
Lighting2 - 32watt 6500K bulbs
DecorMalaysian Driftwood
AccessoriesVisi-Therm Stealth Heater 250 watts
FoodFrozen Blood worms
Brine shrimp
TetraMin flakes
From rhymon78 on 06/21/12
thats a pretty sick low tech planted tank, kudos.
From Molinious on 01/18/12
1 word.... AMAZING!!!!!!!! Exactly how a tank should look!
From Philnominal on 01/08/12
Those have to be some very happy fish in that tank! its gorgeous.
From Erin8D on 07/04/11
From amazon21 on 08/09/10
wow, nice tank
From doggyhog on 03/28/10
WOW wow wow!!!!! That is sooo gorgeous!
From dramaqueen on 03/16/10
Beautiful tank!
From FrogHerder on 01/27/10
Just gorgeous, WisFish.
From stephanieleah on 01/26/10
Wow, how have I not seen you tank before? It's absolutely gorgeous!
From HollyinWA on 01/24/10
Beautiful tank! I hope one of these days I will have a live planted tank that looks that pretty. Great work!
From 1077 on 11/24/09
Is very nice planted tank and fine example of what can be accomplished without CO2 injection.
From aunt kymmie on 11/11/09
Back for another look, I never tire of looking at this tank! Beautiful.
From rsheets on 10/27/09
Dude! Man your tank is awesome! Does it still look like that?
From artgalnj on 08/22/09
Really pretty tank!
From Byron on 07/14/09
Excellent setup, well done; nice healthy plants.
From willow on 03/21/09
wow! i wish i could have something as beautiful as your tank.well done.
From finsNfur on 02/03/09
Wow, that's beautiful.
From Amphitrite on 01/24/09
Absolutely stunning. The arrangement of the plants looks perfect and gives a real feeling of depth. Great job!
From Tyyrlym on 01/23/09
Those plants look amazing in that tank.
From beweeb on 01/22/09
very very nice
From aunt kymmie on 01/20/09
Beautiful. Your plants are amazing!
From Kim on 01/19/09
WOW! Your tank is an absolute stunner!!
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