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55 Planted community
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Name55 Planted community
Size55 Gallons
C02 Systemnone
FertilizerFlora pride 0-0-3 Tetra plant, copper free
Inhabitants12 Fancy Guppies
8 Orange Neon Tetras
4 Freshwater Asian clams
4 Oto catfish
3 Ghost Shrimp
3 Blue Neon Tetras
2 Ghost glass catfish
2 Pearl Gourami
2 Bamboo Shrimp
2 Pantadons

Filtration55-70 gallon 340 gph power filter
Lighting3' florescant
Temperature76 degrees
DecorLive plants, natural driftwood
FoodMarine phytoplankton
Tropical fishfood
Hikari algae wafers
Live crickits
Frozen brine shrimp
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