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25 gallon planted Guppy tank
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Name25 gallon planted Guppy tank
Size25 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem's Flourish Comprehensive and root tabs
Inhabitants6 Guppies and 2 Mystery snails
FiltrationHOB filter at this point
Lighting•Coralife 24" Aqualight T5 Light Fixture
•6,700K and Colormax Fluorescent Lamps
Temperature78-80 degrees
Decor2 pieces of drift wood, 1 Sword Plant, 2 large bunches of Wisteria, 1 Ludwigia, Pennywort and Java Moss
FoodTubifex worms, shrimp, squid, cuddlefish and algae also, mixed foods.
From Inga on 05/30/12
Well hopefully they will someday allow you a tank for Guppies. They are lovely fish. If you do get some, go with just males or you will over populate even a 180 gallon tank in a very short time. They love to reproduce. Fun little fish though.
From Assault0137 on 05/29/12
i wish my parents would let me buy a small tank for guppis...
From Inga on 05/05/12
Thank you for your kind words. I need to update the pictures as there have been some changes. Especially in the plant department.
From jennesque on 05/04/12
Very nice looking tank -- I LOVE the picture of the blue & green guppy with the snail.. pretty pic! Even prettier tank! :)
From Inga on 05/04/12
Actually, that picture was taken right after a very large water change. The water had not settled and looked a bit cloudy. It is crystal clear. I just thought those photos looked sort of magical. If you look at some of the other photos you will see the water is very clear. Thanks for asking.
From Inga on 05/04/12
From Assault0137 on 05/04/12
is the tank cloudy or is it the camera?
From Limeylemon on 10/03/11
That guppy with the yellow/orange tail, i somehow have created his exact twin. Except mine has pink in the dorsal fin, and orange 'blusher' Beauties :)
From Inga on 08/14/11
Thank you. Guppies are such colorful fish that to me, keeping it simple is the way to go. I prefer to let the fish stand out on their own, when I can. Thanks again for your kind words.
From FishMad on 08/09/11
Gorgeous! You have given me some inspiration for my guppy tank. The black backing really makes their colours stand out. Wish I could find some black driftwood :-(
From BarbH on 06/29/11
Beautiful tank
From Akeath on 06/28/11
This is an absolutely gorgeous tank.
From Calmwaters on 11/02/10
Its very pretty. I like the guppys I wish I could find some nice ones around here but all the ones I see at the LFS are just not healthy looking.
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