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Dobbys Tropical Tank
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NameDobbys Tropical Tank
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitants3x Opaline Gourami, 2x Pearl Gourami, 1x Crayfish, 2x Fire Eel, 2x Common Plec, 3x Loach, 1x Golden Loach, 10x Convict Chichlids, 10x Mickey Mouse Platys, 10x black fin Mollies, 4x Tetra, 3x Blue Tetra, 2x Peppered Cory, 2x Angel Fish, 1x Female Guppy.
FiltrationExternal Fluval 405
Lighting120cm 40w Aqua Glo, Plant Glo, Sun Glo, Power Glo
Temperature26-28 Degrees Centigrade
Decorfew Live Plants, few Fake plants, Juwel Background, Lava Rock, Normal Rocks, Bogwood, Driftwood with plant, Bamboo Tubes, Skull, Sunken Ship, Moss Ball
Accessories2x 150w heaters, Powerhead (wavemaker), Air Pump with 3 inlets.
FoodTropical Flakes, Catfish and loach pellets, Live and Frozen Bloodworm, Mussels, frozen fish (Cant remember name)
From Assault0137 on 08/04/12
dobby dies in the end
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