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A.D.F. tank
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NameA.D.F. tank
Size10 Gallons
Inhabitants8 African Dwarf frogs;
2 Otto cat (Otocinclus vestitus)
FiltrationWhisper 10i
DecorWater Wonders rock, with whisper filter
FoodFrozen blood worms, live brine shrimp
From doggyhog on 02/01/10
EEEEeee!! The froggies are SO cute!
From Ramenuzumaki on 12/04/09
the frogs dont try to leave the tank?
From AmyK on 02/19/09
This is really cool - Any advice on starting up a new ADF tank?
From Ptrain on 02/04/09
Wow, I really like the filter system you have on this, its really neat.
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